This is my newly-discovered mantra. Of all the things I desire and all the things I know are lined up for me, I had to make it a point to add hope into all of it. Why? Because I believe for so much and for so many things, just the unfulfilled desire itself could lead to discouragement.

Creating Discouragement

I am a certified Law Of Attraction practitioner. I believe in the Law Of Attraction, that my thoughts are vibration, and that I am the creator of my universe. Certainly I could not be creating discouragement, could I? Why would I want such a thing? I did not want discouragement, but discouragement was there.

This discouragement could not disappear if I didn’t figure out why it was there! As long as I live I plan to have desires – and big dreams. I can’t stop dreaming. So dreaming wasn’t the reason I felt discouragement.

Hmm… I had to go further. I could not wish discouragement away by repeatedly thinking or saying, “I do not want to be discouraged”. Law of Attraction does not work like that. Law of Attraction brings to me that which is in my thoughts. So if the term discouragement is in my energy thoughts, whether I am thinking that I want it or not, then guess what? I get more discouragement. I had to figure out a positive vibration.

Meditation Stops Thoughts

So I had to stop. I had to stop thought. I had to meditate. Meditation as I have learned is the stopping of thoughts, the silencing of those things of which I am consciously aware. To me personally, meditation is the backbone of Law Of Attraction. Meditation stops thoughts, allows thoughts to subside, and brings about a resting place in my soul (not just in my mind!). It is from this resting place, that the essence of what I truly want begins to emerge. I liken meditation to a kid having a tantrum and once the kid settles down, he gets the Popsicle he wants from Mom!

Not long after meditation, I happened upon an article that I perused every so quickly. But it was long enough for me to read that the author thought he wanted more money and after a personal assessment of himself, he came to understand he needed more hope while the money was on its way to him. Reading this was an “AHA” moment for me.

Hope or Hopeful

Who ever stops to remind themselves to be hopeful?? Who does that? I never consciously applied the words hope or hopeful to my arsenal of positive thinking. I just assumed that I was maybe, probably, almost certainly being hopeful, especially considering I was not thinking of the conditions of despair or discouragement. But maybe, just maybe, I had created a sense of discouragement or despair while in my thinking of the things I desired, I also thought about their absence. Did I not believe I would get what I desired?

I am convinced that my new mantra of being hopeful has created a new energy field in my life! It is truly amazing that my conversations have changed with my friends and family. My mood feels lighter. When I think of the things on my wish list, they feel within my reach. My confidence has skyrocketed to the point that I feel more self-love and self-confidence. The purpose for my life has become clearer and more resonate in less than a month.

Throughout my day, I verbally encourage myself, “I am hopeful”. These words are so powerful. As I ponder my desires and situations in my life, I repeat the words, “I have hope. I am hopeful.” When I do this, positive vibes and bursts of energy fill my psyche and my soul. There is no room for doubt, disappointment, and discouragement – these words and feelings just fail to exist in the same space as hope and they don’t even show up.

Hope From Within

I will end with hope is so important to me now. Being hopeful has filled a void in my life…a void that began years and years ago, probably in my childhood. My parents and family did many things for me, but they did not purposely instill in me hope. Although they made the conditions such that I could operate positively, I did not learn the basis and importance of hope from within. I am sure my family thought as I once did, that hope just comes with the territory of living and being a human being. But hope is its own action worthy of its due.


“And your life will be brighter than the noonday; its darkness will be like the morning. And you will feel secure, because there is hope; you will look around and take your rest in security.” JOB 11:17-19

What has been your experience with hope? Do you make a conscious effort to focus on hope? How do you share your hope with others?

All The Best!



  • Trevor

    Hello Anilise, what a lovely, hopeful and motivating blog.  I loved it. The fact that you are a certified Law of Attraction practiti*ner gives it so much more credibility. The point you make about “stopping” and meditating to bring about a “resting soul” is actually something I badly needed today, so following this piece of feedback that I hope you find supportive, I will take your advice and do exactly that; stop. And try and let my soul rest a while with some meditation. The idea to stop and say “I am hopeful” sounds like an excellent daily practice as well.  I looked up the Biblical quotation, a tough book that, but what beautiful verses.  Thank you for giving me hope today.

    Do you recommend a particular meditation style?

    • Anilise Starre

      Hi Trevor,

      Thank you for such wonderful comments! I am so happy to hear that this helped you. We are all teachers and learners! I have taken some meditation classes, but no one style has worked for me other than the basics of starting with deep breathing, focusing on something still or constant other than my thoughts, and maintaining focus on just relaxing and being still.  

      There are some meditation styles that are linked to religion, although I do not know all the ones that are out there. Here is something a friend just told me that she used to help her find a meditation style. She just Googled “meditation for beginners women single”. You can tell where she was going with that!  So I would say do a meditation search and include some factors in your life that are important to you where you are now or where you want to be. Good Luck!

  • Joy

    Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I believe this honest post will help other readers who come across it as it has helped me at the moment. Sincerely, I also believe in meditation and how powerful it is but my problem is; I find it hard to concentrate while trying to meditate, please I will like you to help me.

    • Anilise Starre

      Hi Joy,

      I am glad this helped you. If I can, let me make a suggestion on meditating that may help you. The basic idea of meditating is to quiet your thoughts. It takes time and practice. It is easier to meditate if you find a quiet place and time to meditate. This may mean you hide away in a closet, or even go sit in your car, or even in a bathroom. I begin meditation with an inhale and exhale of 3 deep breaths to let my body know it’s time to relax. And as thoughts come up, I just go back to a deep breath (it helps me to find some type of sound that I can come back to). I have a friend who makes it a point to listen to the air conditioner or to run a small fan during meditation. Good Luck and let me know how you progress within the next couple of weeks. 

  • Md. Asraful Islam

    Thank you so much for sharing with us a wonderful and informative article. The main theme of this article is about MOTIVATION. It is truly incredible that you have illustrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of knowledge about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Meditation Stops Thoughts. Hope is the only raft in human life. No one can live without hope and establish him socially. So everyone should be optimistic about everything and establish themselves in the goal of life.
    Lastly, I would like to say that I enjoyed your article. I am sharing my optimism about the article on my Facebook group so that everyone can be optimistic and reach their own goals.

    • Anilise Starre

      Thank you Md. Asraful Islam. I like your comment, “Hope is the only raft in human life”. Yes hope keeps us aflot and gets us to the other side – especially in deep water. I am glad you are sharing your optimism. We are all in this life together. Thank you again!

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