Follow Your Heart Your Intuition

Life causes us all to need to make some decisions based on what we would like to think is what we believe. When you follow your heart your intuition is best and your intention meter rings out “Hello!”.  If you want to show up happy all the time, take a moment to discover how to get to the heart of your matters.

I am passionate about people following their heart, but beyond that, I am passionate about people creating systems to follow their heart. This is probably one of the main reasons I became certified as a Law Of Attraction practitioner – the system.

If you have trouble being in tune with yourself, you are not alone.  You are among the millions of people who struggle with being able to follow their heart and instincts.  Let the truth be told that in many circumstances, your instincts are usually right, but if you tend to over think things too much, you might stray from those initial inner thoughts.

Following Your Heart

It is an easy journey to follow your heart, but it takes practice.  Sometimes following your heart instead of your mind can seem like the “weak” thing to do. This is not the case; following your heart is following the core of your beliefs and is usually the best thing you can do.

If you don’t take care of your heart first – you won’t be happy enough to take care of others.

When you follow your heart, you’re usually happy. Happy people enjoy their lives and are usually healthier in the long run. If you want to be happy, you must learn how to follow your heart.

Remember one of the concrete aspects of living a Law Of Attraction life in fullness is to be careful tending to your emotional state. Happiness and Joy are essential to you creating your life through the allowance of the Law Of Attraction.

You can begin following your heart by being mindful of these tips:

1.  Trust your subconscious thoughts. It can be tough to stay in touch with your subconscious thoughts, but they make up your initial instincts and they’re close to your heart. You know that the truth will be revealed to you if you give yourself enough time. Learn to trust yourself.

If you have ever day dreamed, you have tapped into your subconscious thoughts. You now have permission to daydream! Take it a step further and write down those daydreams as they come to you.

2. Go with what feels right. Can I just write here that you will come to learn that your feelings are one of the core principles of Law Of Attraction? You get what you are. So you may as well make it a point to do what “feels” right.

You must take courageous action towards the things that feel right. Period. Even if you take baby steps, then take baby steps.  If something feels off to you, you can stop and explore the reasons why. It always starts with a feeling. Go in the direction of your positive feelings. You will not steer you wrong.

3. Avoid over thinking. Sometimes your mind can get away from you and start cycling through negative thoughts. Take deep breaths and get back into a positive mindset so that you can see your true path more clearly. To over think is to over-do. You don’t want to overdo anything right now and it becomes a burden or becomes stress.

You do not want to go through stress do you? Neither do the principles of Law Of Attraction.

Trusting Your Instincts

There are several good techniques that can help you better grasp the process of trusting your instincts. Some of these common solutions might work for you.

These strategies can help you trust your instincts:

1. Stick with your gut feeling. Following your heart and instincts are very similar things. It’s important to go with your initial thoughts. This is because it’s likely a thought that’s coming from within and not something you’ve had time to think endlessly about. You’d be amazed with how many times you just end up going with your initial feeling anyway.

2. Write down your thoughts. It might help to engage in a free writing session. Pick up a pen and just write your thoughts down as they come. Try not to put the pen down. It doesn’t matter if you start writing some things that don’t pertain to the subject. After reading your notes, you’ll probably get a better idea about your base instincts.

3. Keep yourself in a relaxed state. It’s always best to do your thinking while you’re relaxed. That way you know you’re not making any strained decisions. Do what you can to relax yourself, whether it’s deep breathing, a warm bath, or meditation techniques.

4. Avoid changing your mind unless there’s a valid reason. Occasionally, you’ll know that your initial instinct was wrong. In this case, if you have a valid reason to change your mind, you should do so. However, if you don’t have a good reason, just follow through with your initial thoughts.

You’ll find that most of the time your instincts and heart are correct in the end. Even when they’re not, banish discouragement and keep practicing. Maintain a positive attitude and keep trying and soon your heart and instincts will reflect your authentic self.



  • Lok Which

    Thanks for sharing this informative and educative article. It is just like this article is meant for me because last year I can say I’m weak because I do not hold to my thoughts and I change my mind easily which is not good enough but reading this has helped me on the things that will help me be stronger. Thanks for this article because i have been enlightened.

    • admin

      You are so welcome. Yes, hold onto those thoughts that are there to make you better, stronger, and truer to yourself. The world needs you to be you. Be encouraged!


  • zuchii

    Following your heart or intuition can be most times tricky, it requires mastery, the kind that is often time not gotten. Alot of factors like our level of knowledge and prevailing circumstances and environment come into play when making decision, All of these combinations determines the leading of our heart’s, it can be sometimes misleading which brings me to the point of checking our intuition with knowledge before taking action.

    • Anilise Starre

      Thank you Zuchii.  I agree with your comments to an extent. What if the knowledge you refer to is the knowledge of knowing how to trust your intuition (yes, this can be tricky!)?  Or better yet, the knowledge of learning ways to trust your intuition?

      I believe circumstances and environment are external factors. There will always be factors beyond our control; factors in our external environment. The wonderful thing about intuition is that it comes from “in” – internal – “in”tuition. 

      Learning to meditate and establishing a quiet time are essential to learning how to hear your internal intuition.


  • Md moinul Islam

    Wow, this information is very wonderful for us.It is very interesting.Now I am telling something about this. Listen to our heart, not to our  head — although, it would be more correct to say listen to our limbic brain, not to our cortex brain.we can follow our heart,our intuition.we will  identify and release our core beliefs.We will find meditation in unlike places.we will forgive self harm.we will break the bonds of  attachments and resentment.In this way,we can follow our heart our intuition.Thanks for sharing this informative article.      

    • admin

      Thank you. Yes, I like that you say we can break the bonds of attachments and resentment. So true. 

      Following your heart goes along with being fluid and being able to flow in the direction you should be flowing.  The more attachements and resentments one has (which I believe resentment keeps one attached to the thing that is resented), the less that person is able to flow. 

      Following one’s intution does allow one to release their core beliefs. So it is like killing 2 birds with one stone. The thing we most want – happiness – truly comes from within. If we choose intuition, we get to experience our core beliefs, and happiness from there.

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