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    Amazing Wonders Of Life All Around Us

    It is an absolutely amazing wonder to me how things fall into place when I trust my gut. Does this happen for you? I love the snow, hence the picture on my Home page. I am a mid-western girl, having been born and raised in the great welcoming state of Iowa. The snow was such a part of my life that I learned to embrace the peace of the snow falling, the brilliance of the snowflakes compacted on the sidewalks, and the snow’s willingness to be versatile for making angels, snowballs, and snow angels. Who doesn’t love such a multi-faceted natural and free phenomenon? No polls folks, no polls. But…

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    I Am Hopeful

    “I AM HOPEFUL” This is my newly-discovered mantra. Of all the things I desire and all the things I know are lined up for me, I had to make it a point to add hope into all of it. Why? Because I believe for so much and for so many things, just the unfilled desire itself could lead to discouragement. Creating Discouragement I am a certified Law Of Attraction practitioner. I believe in the Law Of Attraction, that my thoughts are vibration, and that I am the creator of my universe. Certainly I could not be creating discouragement, could I? Why would I want such a thing? I did not…