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Amazing Wonders Of Life All Around Us

It is an absolutely amazing wonder to me how things fall into place when I trust my gut. Does this happen for you? I love the snow, hence the picture on my Home page. I am a mid-western girl, having been born and raised in the great welcoming state of Iowa. The snow was such a part of my life that I learned to embrace the peace of the snow falling, the brilliance of the snowflakes compacted on the sidewalks, and the snow’s willingness to be versatile for making angels, snowballs, and snow angels. Who doesn’t love such a multi-faceted natural and free phenomenon? No polls folks, no polls.

But the snow is just one of the wonders that led me to another wonder that led me to writing about this amazing wonder of life. I have written on many topics throughout my life. I am a certified Law Of Attraction practitioner. Yep there is such a designation and yep the functionality of the Law Of Attraction is inherent in each and every human being (pinch yourself).


There are truly no coincidences. We are connected to others we know and do not know. Accept it. Same begets the same. In other words, I like to think that my desire for something matches someones desire for something. It’s not complicated. Let me make it sweeter for those who think this is deeper than you want to go right now. I’ll keep it light!

My desire for chocolate ice cream connects with the desire for the cocoa bean grower to grow and sell the beans, connects with the farmer’s desire to raise the cows, connects with the marketing company’s desire to make the logo on the gallon bucket, connects with the grocer’s desire to sell my favorite dairy confection. Do you see how that goes?

We all have those experiences. We all have the same opportunities to reflect on just how connected we really are. These connections happen more often than we think. They are the fabric of our lives and show how much we really do need one another – the people we know personally and the people we don’t.


Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and sometimes we lag in our actions; however, we don’t have to look at it negatively. What if the reason we move too fast or go too slow is that we forget to remember that if we are truly connected, then we have to wait or rush for someone else in the universe to do something to which we can connect. Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to have a certain color of shoes or a shirt and you keep looking for it casually and then more casually until you forget about it? Then all of a sudden you get an impulse to walk into a store and you find the perfect shirt? This an example of understanding how timing works in this situation, but this happens in similar situations on different topics.

So go easy on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if the timing you have in mind does not produce the results you want. Maybe more connections need to be made before that happens. Life is about timing, but realizing that you timing is part of a greater timing of collective parts should help you to relax with yourself and others when the universe has a different schedule in the works.


Whenever life presents opportunities for desire there is a corresponding answer to that desire, sort of like the saying, “Ask and it shall be given unto you.” Holding onto a desire for a long time without the optimum solution has a tendency to bring out the sour puss in people, especially if other people seem to be moving along in getting what they want.

The route to what is wanted can take one from point A to point B via an indirect route, particularly when everything is not yet lined up and ready to be enjoyed. When what is wanted does present itself though, one has to know it when he or she sees it. Those are the “Yes” moments that are worth knowing.

When I was trying to pick out the perfect picture for my website, I looked at over 100 pictures. With no real idea in mind of what I wanted because I was thumbing through so many photos, I opted to slow down the work on my website. I could not put into words which particular picture would work, but I knew from looking that I had not found the one.

Then one day, I saw it. It was perfect. It ended up being a picture I could enjoy whenever I myself looked at my blog. It’s the one of the snow falling that is on my Home page. Something in me jumped as soon as I saw this picture. Lifelong memories of beautiful snow. I knew it was the one.


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