January 18

Anilise, I heard people say they don’t have purpose. Some have told me I have no purpose but it does not bother me. What do you think? AM in Virginia

Anilise says: Hi AM. Everybody has purpose. Every living thing has a purpose. If people seek their purpose with the true intent of finding it, I believe they will find it. If you are happy living the life you are living, chances are you have found some degree of your purpose. Here’s why…The universe is always answering and responding to your vibrations.  If it does not bother you what people say about your purpose, that is a good sign you are content, so that is what you will get in return – contentment. 

November 17

Anilise, I am not a stranger to suffering. I worked all the time since I was 5 years old carring water jugs aound town. Fast foward to now and I can’t get away from this suffering. I am 43 years old and I need help! I can’t get over why it’s so easy for me think suffering is a way of life. LB

Hi L. B. First let me say I read your entire Email. You have been exposed to some unfavorable conditions like suffering for a long time. Those type of situations become ingrained in how one thinks and responds to current events.

Basically – your past is overshadowing your future. (My adivice could come better to you through a Skype session.). And because you are holding this belief about suffering in your mind, Law Of Attraction is so faithful that it is rewarding you with more of what you think about.