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I want you to smile and feel good about your life. Period.

I know there are only a million different websites you could be looking at right now. You chose to spend a few moments with me on this website and I am grateful. I will even go as far to say that you are visiting this website for a reason – good reasons I will presume. This is a good moment for you. You are alive. You are able to read. You are able to see. You are able to breathe. You are able to process your thoughts. And absolutely you are one second away from your future. Aren’t you glad you are here?

My Story

I have been told many times over that I have a warm personality and my smile lights up a room. I also belong to the class of the human race and have been through some challenges in my life, just like you and many others. I heard a long time ago though not to let the challenges define me. I learned to smile through some of the toughest periods in my life. Smiling made me feel good.

The more I felt good, the easier it was to be myself and the more confident I became.

I learned that one of the most important things I could do was to be true to myself and I found that the best indicator that I was being true to myself was paying attention to how I feel.

The basis of the surety of our lives is that we do what feels good to us (as long as no one gets hurt).


It took me many years, many books, many conferences, many speeches, many therapists, many relationships, many jobs, and many route changes to discover my feelings and trust them. I know I am not alone in that regard.

There are many people who are living half-lives and are feeling depressed – and much of it is because they have trouble knowing their true feelings. Why? Because they have been in so many situations that have challenged their ability to feel and to be honest and sincere about their feelings.

I want you to smile and feel good about your life. Period.


The goal of this website is to promote feeling good. This website is all about each individual right to do what feels good to feel like a winner. Being sincere can only happen if a person trusts their feelings.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Anilise Starre – Sincerity Coaching


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