Welcome. If you are looking for the route to fall in love with life and yourself, I can relate. I took the same journey and ended up at AUTHENTICITY.


I am a firm believer that we all have unique gifts and talents and that we are here to enjoy the unfolding of life.  I love life and all that it is has to offer.  I am truly blessed to have come through many situations. Yet, I made some sacrifices that resulted in me putting the core of my beliefs on the back burner – in error.  I have learned so much about why I did that. I also learned the importance of being true to myself.


I started this blog to write about the things that helped me to grow personally and professionally.

It became clear to me as I heard the general vibe of what is going on in the world that many are dealing with some issues to which I had found a path to a solution. Maybe others can learn as I have learned, but trust me when I say many roads can lead to the same place.

I want to assure people they can pick their own road if that is their desire.

There has to be a better way for people to deal with themselves and their lives – if they want to and if they want to know how or even know where to start.


The goal of this website is to promote people living their personal authentic life in trust, sincerity and love.

All the best,

Anilise Starre

Amazing Wonders Of Life

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