About Me

   I AM:

Anilise – Hi there! – A midwesterner, born and raised in the great state of Iowa.

I take pride that I was raised in one of the best states to get a public education at that time. My elementary teachers had a passion for teaching me and made it an important point that I spell correctly and practice proper grammar. Knowing how to spell and being able to interpret the written word made reading a joy.

And reading I did. The library would come to the local park on Saturday mornings in the form of a purple book mobile. I loved Saturday mornings! Whenever I visited, I would check out the maximum number of books – 5 at one time. I was too young to know how to pace myself, so I read through the books most times a couple of days before the book mobile would come again.

In middle school, I found myself linked up with excellent teachers who continued to foster my love of reading and writing. They would give me challenging assignments which required extensive research written on note cards! My book reports were so long my teachers would take them home over the weekend only to come back and pick mine to be read by me in front of the class.

When I began my undergraduate studies at the University Of Northern Iowa, I fell in love with speaking in my speech course. Several of my classmates told me they would rush to class in hopes that I would be called on to speak because they loved how easy it was to listen to my speeches. Writing those speeches kept me up until sunrise! Nevertheless, the excitement of speaking was like adrenalin in my soul.

This is how my journey of being a writer, reader, researcher, and orator began.

Why This Blog

I created this blog, Anilise Starre, to avail myself to write meaningful words. This is my art.

My art I offer in spoken and written word to share with others. Life has taken me to many places and I have had many experiences – some wonderful and some “Ouch”. My writing is all the richer for who I have become.

I hope this blog is as much of a “rich” encouragement for your enjoyment as it is for me to share it with you.

All the best,