4 Ways To Enjoy Life More Everyday

The world is a busy place full of busy lives. People rightfully move from one task to another without any best way of juggling it all. At the end of 8 or 10 hour days we relish the time to wind down, but often fail to think about what we enjoyed about our day. Most times we did not have fun memorable moments that make us smile again. This is unfortunate. Life is meant to be enjoyed – why else are we here?

Today I would like to introduce you to some ways to get more joy in your life. There are many people who are okay with life because it is not bad. That is fine. There are those of us who believe the more we enjoy life, the more we are connected to living. So herein are simply 4 ways to enjoy life more every day. Although these ideas are important, they are not complicated to embrace.


There is a new approach to relaxing that is worth considering. Typically, a mainstream idea for relaxation focuses on the physical aspects of relaxing: breathe slower at a concentrated pace, leave your desk, go for a walk. All of those ideas are great ideas and are good starting points for relaxing the muscles and the body. Without relaxation, stress, tension and hypertension (high blood pressure) could become an issue.

Relaxation can be obtained by focusing inward and shifting one’s thought process. The human brain and body is a computer processing ideas rapidly. Relaxation of the mind is important. For example, if someone were facing a deadline, they could stop thinking about the deadline and instead think about the joy to be felt after the deadline is met. Feeling ones way through the day through feeling one’s thoughts is much more enjoyable if one is trying to relax.

Do What You Like

Many years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a book of encouragement to follow my desire and to trust that the outcome will be in my favor. It takes practice to do what one likes on a daily basis, especially if the job is different from the enjoyment. A bit of planning does help. It is important for people in all walks of life with different interests to take some time to pay attention to their likes, do them with joy, and be happier for doing so. Do you like to paint, read, dress-up, breed horses, garden, cook, golf, jog, sew, write, collect rocks, or entertain?

My friend’s work schedule prevents him from volunteering monthly with The Red Cross as he has for the past several years. But every day when he checks his Facebook account, he shares the organizations needs with his followers. He found a way to do what he likes even if it is not in the same capacity. It brings him great joy to help The Red Cross fulfill their needs. Albeit he is not there in person, it brings him great joy and he feels more connected to the organization than participating just once a month.

Allow Blessings In

Blessings come in many forms. Furthermore, it requires very little effort to get excited about a blessing when we know it is coming – we expected it so now we are just glad it is here. What about the things that show up that are not expected though? The surprises? Even if the surprise is a good surprise, there is a moment of shock and an “Oh my!” that follows. If the reaction to the unexpected is joyful, then that is even better, do you agree? It takes wisdom and courage to treat what comes as a “blessing”, when the initial thoughts or presentation about it point to everything other than a blessing.

How many times in your life are you able to look back to a situation you once doubted and are now able to call it a blessing? Even if the entire circumstance is not a blessing, you could find some way to think something positive about the situation It is so much more joyous to receive the flow of situations as they come and look for the blessing part within. It also makes for a more joyous life to consider things that happen to you as “blessings”. In the Law Of Attraction (of which I am a certified practitioner), to that which you feel and vibrate, more will come. Who doesn’t want more blessings in their life?


Smiling is universal. Smiling is one of the easiest ways to give. If a person feels they are poor, tired, or just have nothing to give, he or she can give a smile. It is the connectivity language of friendliness. There is more to a smile than just smiling. This simple act of pulling your lips to the side and opening one’s mouth (if one so chooses) is also for your face. If that is not joy enough to the female readers, keep reading.

The connection between joy and smiling is more than surface-deep. Endorphins are released when one smiles. This is what makes people feel good when they smile. It is also what makes it easier to get through challenging situations when under that smile, the “feel good” endorphins are being released internally. And smiling is contagious! Give a smile throughout your day and you are sure to get one back in return.


Enjoy life every day. With some intentional focus, it is easy to incorporate these four ideas to make joy possible. By relaxing, doing what you like, allowing blessings in, and smiling, there is great potential in the universe to create a more pleasant life experience. Everyone as a leader for their own joy can have this joyful life. It may take some practice to focus on feeling good, but it is important to the well-being of mankind to use techniques that feel good from the inside out. If it takes a smile to turn things around so you enjoy your day, then get busy smiling.


  • coralie

    It is extremely difficult to find joy everyday that is for sure. I have a job I do not like, but at the same time, I try to make the best of it.  When I am not at work, I make sure to do the things that I love to do. Finding the joy in these things, makes the after work stuff that much more exciting.

    Throughout the work day, one of the easiest things you mentioned is smiling. It costs nothing and it’s easy to do, so I will work on that. Thank you and great job.

    • Anilise Starre

      Coralie, I like that you mentioned you have things that you “love to do”.  It is so common to be so far away from what one loves to do that it becomes a “like to do” and then a “just don’t do”. I am glad you enjoyed reading this post. Thank you! 

  • RoDarrick

    Hi, I found this post to be very interesting and engaging. Work could be killing most times and when I’m bored with work or stressed out, I tend to favor the physical means of relaxation more. Relaxing my mind and believing I will get through is one thing I like most about this post which I will inculcate to my daily living. Another thing is to make sure I smile more often, even during the stressful period. Thanks for this post

    • Anilise Starre

      Thank you RoDarrick. It’s nice to know I’m sharing some information that is useful. There is a lot of information out there and some very wise and smart people writing it! When it comes to smiling, I have even had people tell me they come sit in my office when they are stressed because that know at some point I’m going to say something nice and give them a smile. It really is contagious because even if it’s a slight grin they give in return, they leave in a better place mentally than they were before they sat down. 

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